Reason #61: Jose Cuervo advert – message for alcoholics

Jose Cuervo – thank you for your beautiful film! It will do more for curing alcoholics aroud the world then a thousand AA meetings. I have not been drinking for 97 days. You may call me a neophyte… or you can call me a new-born. Either way, I am sober, I start to see the world in 3D (not 4D, not 5D or ten) and I really get your message now!

Reason to be happy #61: I am happy because I see Jose Cuervo advert as a message for alcoholics.

Few months ago, I would think it depicts strong courageous people who know how to party as if the outside world did not exist. Today, I realize it gives all the reasons not to drink, and the people depicted in the ad are a bunch of lonely and lost alko-adicts. Take a look:


It’s a well executed piece of film – no question about it – though the main guy could have been a better dancer. It is entertaining to watch and thrilling – it can almost pass for an ad. But what it really is – it’s a message to the world: stop doing booze and go back to your lives – before it’s too late. Few months ago I might  wish to be there in this bar with the crazy bunch not giving a fuck about the outside world — And that preciselly is the attitude of all alcohol abusers. I think the makers of this film are all alcos who went straight and now are sending this powerfull message to the world disguising it as an alcohol ad. But we get it!

What does the film really say?

  1. The remote setting of the bar : You are lonely and lost. — I have a bar like that. All alcos have. The more remote the better. We all seek places where we can be conviniently anonymous, or be around people like us. Drunk, with no future, no families to go back to, no-one to care for when the world is ending. We want a cosy environment where we feel free to get shitfaced, where we can dance on the table, vomit into the sink and feel at home. No questions asked. We rarely look out the bar window to the outside world because the outside world is in chaos. Just like in the Cuervo ad.
  2. The chaos outside. This is what your world looks like. — Your work sucks, your wife sucks, your kids are a problem. It all went wrong and your answer is to fuck it. To turn on the jukebox and dance. Well, think about it again. You will realize, that when you sober up your family is your only chance – these are the only people who really care for you. And your job pays your living whether you like it or not. Maybe there are better jobs out there for you – you just need to go for them.
  3. The people in the bar. They are all strangers. — You spend your time with people you do not know and do not care for. Look at the ad – they have nothing in common except for the drink. When you take the drink away or when your money is gone they will not care. All they care about is the drink. Not you. It’s really well illustrated in the film. Look at them. They don’t even like each other.
  4. The people outside – they all sygnal problems, but you don’t read them. — You are being warned by your friends, collegues from work, parents, kids, people who care – they all wave to you but you do not understand. You think it is them who are fucked, not you. For you they are funny, or irrational. But what they are trying to do is to inform you that you are going for a fall. They care!
  5. The person you dance with, have sex with – you won’t know them the next day. — It’s all fake. Like your dancing. You think you are Elvis but really you are just a drunk idiot jerking  your body like a loonatic. You don’t even know whether you are even attracted to the person you are having sex with and you will not care the next morning. All you will care for is your hangover.

Now the most important thing: Jose Cuervo ad is a test!

If you enjoy the film and want to be in the bar for the party – you are an alco! If you think of yourself as a person sygnaling through the window you are probably involved with an alcoholic. If you don’t care for the film – you apparently are free of the probem.

If you are an alco – well, there is a message of hope for you! Just leave the bar and never come back.

Thank you Jose Cuervo for this powerful demonstration.


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